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De-icing Process

The de-icing system works by heating the interior of the blade, thus heating the exterior and shedding the ice. A blower, heater and duct system target heat to the tip of the blade.

de-icing process illustrationde-icing process illustration

Return on Investment

Based on reclaimed power alone, the system will achieve payback in only a few weeks of icing downtime. The system will also reduce mechanical stresses on the turbine, potentially prolonging it's life. The sooner you install the sooner you save.

2 MW wind turbine multiplied by 30% capacity factor multiplied by $100/MWh multiplied by 1 week of downtime due to ice equals $10,080 Revenue Loss. Two weeks of annual downtime = 2 years payback.
Breakeven/Payback with Borealis Wind. Based on a windfarm with 40 turbines and 5% annual loss, breakeven with happen within the first 2 years of implementing the de-icing system.

Extensive Simulations

We have done extensive simulations to optimize the de-icing process. Using the simulations, we confirmed the functionality of the design, and determined that the de-icing process will only take 90 minutes at -5°C and reduce down time by at least 80%.

Temperature (°C) inside the blade after 10 minutes

wind turbine blade temperature using the de-icing process ranges from -5 to 11 °C, with the majority of the interior being closer to the 11 °C mark

Risk Mitigation

We are working with wind turbine manufacturers to ensure that the installation procedure and systems are safe for the technicians and the wind turbine. We are conducting extensive physical tests and we are installing sensors on all critical points inside the blade to ensure the safety of the wind turbine.

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